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A really fun and cute read, nice work!

A short but sweet falling blocks game. The little story accompanying is cute and fun, and the characters are nice! Feels like a nice and chill game for Halloween! I appreciate that it leaned towards the fun atmosphere Halloween can bring, rather than just being the usual spooky game with monsters and scares.

I like how the goal was to match specific preplaced blocks, rather than reach a score. I felt that it added a bit more challenge as it took some of the placement of the blocks out of my control. Overall I'd say I had a good time while I was playing!

KittyhawkMontrose responds:

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you like the chill fun vibe we were going for! :D

The slingshot mechanic is really awesome. I like the "jump tokens" that allow you to jump again mid-air, since it adds a feeling of skill when you pull it off correctly.

The music is nice too!

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I'm not usually one to listen to podcasts but I noticed Carltoons was a guest, and knew I had to give it a shot. It was nice to hear about the upcoming ideas for Barrel Shell, and get some behind the scenes hints of the lore. The breakaways to discuss inspirations and other story-related insights on other series was fun.

The eye-catches in Barrel Shell are something I enjoyed while reading, because it always delivered a good amount of detail about the characters and shells that might be hard to put directly into the pages otherwise. They're also artistically framed in a way that adds to the tone of the comic, which I really liked.

I'll need to catch up and read the newest story arc when I get the chance! Nice work you two, it was a great time!

This is great! A nice and fun tune with a happy, carefree atmosphere. Feels like a summer day resting in the shade under a tree, near an energy-filled town.

The positioning of the sounds and the balancing of the instruments are really good!

Marifax responds:

Thank you! That's a very nice interpretation

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Thank you so much for drawing her! She turned out so cute here! 😊

KittyhawkMontrose responds:

No worries! So glad you like the piece. She's a cutie!

This is really cute! Nice character design!

Bandaid +100% cuteness.

+Bonus points for the Aug

Sees the world through limited colors.
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